Loman Art Cataglogue (PDF)

Upcycling Designs Beautifying Homes and the Outdoor space

The art of recycling is commonly viewed as science of saving our environment by reprocessing materials that are at the end of their useful lives; and which would otherwise be added to the waste stream. If this is all there is to recycling, then shouldn’t it be a primary responsibility of government?

Loman Pawlitschek innovative upcycling design is a class of beauty for any home. Making use of specialist local craft people, Loman creates unique pieces of art for homes and outdoor space from rubbish collected from city centers. The Loman Art Gallery is marked with beaded cushion and chair covers, colourful handbags studded with bottle caps, aprons lined with pretty silver ring pulls.

Loman says she got her inspiration in Dakar, Senegal. “I found there to be lack of originality in the things that people were making and I wanted to show people that it’s possible to stretch the imagination beyond limitation.”

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