Loman Art Cataglogue (PDF)

Happy new year

Happy new year and thank you for viewing our website. It has been a wonderful beginning to a new year. The time since our exposition has gone very fast. It was a good experience which we all enjoyed. The highlight was to see the reaction of what we are doing regarding the up cycling and recycling. This is a great opportunity, bringing awareness to the subject regarding the environment. As well as keeping a chain of inspiration alive.

In the last six weeks we have been experimenting a lot with light effects and how to gain the most from light and shadow. We are still in the baby stages of development, but starting to look really good. We built another wall panel using crushed aluminum cans.The effect of light and shadow on this piece (which would measure approx.2x2 meters) is really amazing, we have it on our court yard wall, and because it sits about 30cms away from the wall in a semi barrel shape, the sun shining on it completes the barrel.

We have also created wonderful ceiling lamp shades in different forms, all wired up and ready to go (compliments of my incredible dream team) this has been one of our best sellers. This particular one casts the most amazing shadow effect, it looks like a forest on the ceiling. As well as this, we have built a sculpture which sits on the floor with a built in light. This one can also be mounted on the ceiling (don’t you love versatility!). Also most of the things can be made smaller or larger depending on budget or space.

We had two interviews nationally and internationally displayed on television, as well as appearing in some news paper reports. A famous rap artist by the name of Duggy Tee used our house to film his latest video clip, a senior student doing a journalistic assignment did a pod cast on Loman Art. The subject being on the environment and sustainability. This coming weekend a poetry reading with Senegal’s leading poets will be broadcast from our garden.

So far it has been a very exciting start and we look forward to the next few months, where we will realize a few more wonderful designs.

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