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News letter March 2012

Well, I have just returned from a wonderful week long trip to Munich, feeling refreshed and inspired with some new ideas.

While I was gone our workshop star Mouctar, decided to surprise me with a new creation. It is a wall panel measuring approximately 1 m x 0.70 cm. It emulates nature with leaves, flowers and geckos. Rather than an intaglio style, the pieces Mouctar has used sit away from the picture in a very natural and creative way. This piece of art is framed in a mirror mosaic. I feel proud to say that all the artisans are advancing very well.

I am busy composing a workshop story, where you will be able to get to know all the artisans. I talk about our experiences, good and bad and how everyone feels to be working in Lomanartsen and what they hope to achieve.

Apart from that, we had a visit from a French social group who really enjoyed the experience of viewing our workshop. I was able to show them the art we have created and the ones we were working on. They found it very interesting to see all the work that goes into all our pieces and how the workshop operates.

We also had a visit from a wonderful man, a former director of Manufatures des arts decoratifs du Senegal (not mentioning his name to respect his right to privacy, and their was no time to ask permission to mention him here). He is a well known art critic. We exchanged quite a lot on the pieces where he asked me many questions. It was very educational to hear his knowledge on paint techniques. The visit ended with a kiss on each cheek and a request for an autograph in our catalogue. His opinion was that we have a bright future ahead of us and that he had never seen anything like this in Senegal and we have to continue with what we are doing. He felt that we have to make an effort to exhibit all over Senegal to share what we are doing with everyone. His last comment was to the workshop artisans, where he said he wants them to continue with the good work they are doing.

Another exciting thing happened last month, we had an accidental meeting with a woman who just happened to be passing by and popped in. She is from Geneva working as an art historian for a university. She was very impressed and enthusiastic about our work. She was almost angry that we were not out there promoting ourselves more. After several visits back to the workshop has agreed to help us with promotions in Europe. So fingers crossed that we get the opportunity to exhibit in Europe.

We will be exhibiting at the Sokhamon hotel in Dakar plateau. This event is one of the largest art shows held by the DWG as a fund raiser. This will be on the twenty - eighth of this month. We are also preparing, and have built some beautiful pieces in preparation for the Biannale off which takes place next month.

Until next time fingers crossed, wish us luck!

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